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Riverdale's Kindness Week inspires 1,000 kind acts

Riverdale's Kindness Week inspires 1,000 kind acts

Kindness is everywhere at Riverdale, and there are more than 1,000 pieces of evidence to prove it!

Riverdale has celebrated Kindness Week for years, this year with a spirit week, school-wide challenge, kindness note station in the library and daily social-emotional lessons and activities from our very own Raz the Raccoon mascot! Raz also sported spirit gear and DJed for students outside each morning with Riverdale social worker Claire Steeno. 

Steeno said, "Every day, it's our mission to go from good to better to best to achieve success, and part of our academic success is wrapped up in kindness. We like to dedicate an entire week to acts of kindness leading up to World Act of Kindness Day."

For the 2024 Kindness Week, Riverdale staff challenged students to commit enough acts of kindness to fill a giant paper heart outside the library. Classrooms that went big with helping make that happen earned an extra half-hour for their end-of-day Valentine's Day and Kindness Week celebration on Feb. 16. 

Challenge accepted! On crazy outfit/hair/socks day, sports attire day, hearts and sparkles day, superhero day and pajama day, staff and scholars heard countless compliments, witnessed numerous helping hands and lost track of how many positive notes and little surprises the intermediate classes created for their primary-grade buddies and vice versa. Impressively, teachers handed out more than 1,000 heart stickers for the gestures of kindness they observed over the week. 

Seeing the kindness spread throughout the hallways and classrooms and the giant representation of it outside the library makes the school feel even more special at this time of year! Riverdale staff's Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) committee coordinate the vision and details for Kindness Week.

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