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Riverdale ends the year with 410, 921 math puzzles solved!

Riverdale ends the year with 410, 921 math puzzles solved!

A new group of Riverdale scholars earned an invitation to the final 2022-2023 Pizza Party with the Principal this month! 

This year at Riverdale, scholars set their goals on ST Math for math puzzle-solving and then earned exciting prizes as they met their goals. ST Math is a visual instructional program that engages students in creative and rigorous problem-solving, allowing them to see the math and grow.

Scholars who completed 100% of their ST Math journey this year were treated to a pizza party with the principal! As they worked toward 100%, they could earn other rewards such as an extra specials class, a brag walk to former teachers and siblings, a treat cart visit, coloring a picture of ST Math's mascot JiJi the Penguin, and more.  Instructional coach Jenny Krautler oversaw ST Math progress this year, and scholars could be heard calling her "The JiJi Lady" even more than "Mrs. Krautler" this year. 

Scholars who earned attending the final pizza party were:

Mr. Perez - Emet, Nolan
Mrs. Greene - Sequoia, Mackenzie
Mrs.Trickey - Dylan
Mrs. Stang - Alisa, Sofia L, Daniel M, Armani, Jasper
Ms. Galicia - Jack, 
Mrs. Gorin - JoAnna, Zak, Leon, AJ
Mr. Tong - Cameron, Chris
Mrs. Toner - Declan, Ben, Piper
Ms. Cordrey - Max, James M.
Mrs. Hladky - Shelby
Ms. Beilke - Gabe, Rylan
Ms. Lord - Jerek, Trace, Amber, Lyla, Jayden
Ms. Tice - Victoria

In their independent work time at school and at home, scholars can work on ST Math to supplement their daily learning with Adams 12's Everyday Math curriculum. 

We are excited about the end of the year stats our scholars and teachers achieved. Imagine what they could do next year! 

2022-2023 Riverdale ST Math Engagement by the Numbers
Students Who Participated: 374
Total Minutes Played at Home and at School: 583,237
Total Math Puzzles Completed: 410, 921
Number of Students Who Achieved 100% of their ST Math Journey: 63

ST Math pizza