Fall Newsletter 2017

Dear Riverdale Families,

Welcome to an exciting new school year!  It has been such a pleasure to see our returning scholars as well as some new faces here at Riverdale Elementary. At Riverdale our staff is committed to prepare each scholar for college and career, and our school motto continues to be: Every Student Matters ~ Every Moment Counts.  You have probably heard your scholar recite our Mission Statement a time or two… At Riverdale Elementary we are career-bound scholars going from good to better to best to achieve success.

Our Riverdale scholars will soon be very busy learning routines and procedures, and will be highly engaged in learning with their new teachers!  We will be having an Assessment Day soon on September 5th, and your teacher will be sending you links to sign up for your child’s Assessment time through Sign-Up Genius. We are very eager to meet with families during conferences in October to help strengthen the home/school connection and build a partnership between teachers and parents.  Be sure to check your child’s classroom website for links to sign up for Fall Conferences held on October 12th.

I’d like to take a moment to highlight areas regarding school safety, homework, and communication at Riverdale.  Please read the following notes, and let us know if you should have any questions.

Arriving at Riverdale:

Parents are welcome to park and walk your scholar onto campus, or use our Hug and Go on Elm Drive/108th Avenue directly in front of the school.  Please remember, cars may not be parked in the Hug and Go area in the mornings, as this is intended for drop off purposes only.

Morning Arrival and Supervision:

This year our first bell will ring at 7:30, and the tardy bell rings at 7:35.  Instruction will begin promptly at 7:35, so it is important that our scholars arrive to school on time and ready to learn.  Staff will be positioned on our campus to provide supervision in the mornings between 7:25-7:35.  

Afternoon Kindergarten and Preschool Arrival:

We will have students arriving in buses during this time.  In order to ensure the safety of all students and staff, there may be no traffic or parking in the bus lane.  Please see the following guidelines:
 Vehicles may park in the Hug and Go lane on the street directly in front our the building
 Any vehicle with a handicap license may park our handicap spots in the front of the building
 Vehicles may not park in the bus lane in front of the building at any time
 You are welcome to park in our staff lots if space is available
 Please call our front office if you have questions about our afternoon arrival policies, and thank you for keeping our scholars and staff safe at all times

Afternoon Dismissal:

In an effort to assure all scholars and staff are safe at all times, please see the dismissal policies below:
 Vehicles may park in the Hug and Go lane during dismissal
 Any vehicle with a handicap license may park in our handicap spots in the front of the building prior to the gates closing at 2:00, and at 1:00 on Wednesdays
 Vehicles may not park in the bus lane in front of the building at any time
 Any cars parked in the gated areas must stay idle, and may not leave until the gates have been open and drivers are motioned to exit when the lots are clear of scholars and staff
 Please call our front office if you have questions about our dismissal policies, and thank you for keeping our scholars and staff safe at all times

Animals on Campus:

We know that pets are part of our families, and are well loved!  However, animals are not permitted on school grounds.  For the safety of all our students please leave your furry friends at home and do not bring them on campus.

Our New Homework Policy:

At Riverdale Elementary, we believe evenings after school should be spent playing outside, eating dinner as a family and reading together. After our staff conducted much research last school year, we found there to be little correlation between homework and student performance. Therefore, Riverdale is embracing a new homework policy for the 2017-2018 school year.  Scholar’s homework will only consist of makeup work due to absences, interventions agreed upon by teacher and parent, and reading at home each night.  Your classroom teacher will have more information for you as the 2017-2018 school year begins.

Newsletters and Events:

Please check our Riverdale website regularly as it is chalk full of upcoming events, classroom and school news, PTO information, and important highlights at Riverdale.  Our website will be the hub for school information, as we are hoping to save trees and communicate with parents more directly.  You may also receive emails from the school office or your child’s teacher.  Please let us know if your email address has changed so that we can be sure to keep you posted!

Upcoming Dates @ Riverdale:
August 14th- Back to School Night from 4:00-6:00
August 16th- First Day of School
August 21st- Celebrating the Great American Solar Eclipse
September 4th- Labor Day No School
September 5th- Assessment Day
September 12th- PTO @ 6:00
October 10th- PTO @ 6:00
October 11th- Pumpkin Run (more info to come)
October 12th- Conference Day
October 13th- Teacher Work Day (no school for students)
October 27th- Shiverdale (more info to come)

Thank you for sending us your amazing children!  We want you to feel confident about sending your child to Riverdale, and encourage you to visit, volunteer, or give us a call or email any time.  Please feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, celebrations or compliments at kristin.golden@adams12.org or call 720-972-5580.  We look forward to partnering with you to provide the best school experience for your child!

Warm Regards,
Kristin Golden, Principal