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What is the Universal Screening Test (NNAT2) that all second graders are taking this year?

This year, all second grade students in Adams 12 will take the Naglieri Nonverbal Abilities Test (NNAT2) at school. This assessment will be given regardless of whether or not a child has been tested previously for giftedness. We are using this test to help us identify new GT students. If your child has already been identified as gifted, this test simply will serve as another piece of evidence showing his/her giftedness.

What is the CogAT? 

CogAT is the Cognitive Abilities Test. We administer this test to all students that are going through the gifted identification process in grades K-5. Students in second grade also take the NNAT2 (see above for more details on that test). The CogAT helps us determine the cognitive abilities of each child, which is separate from academic abilities. For more information about the CogAT, scroll to the bottom of this website and download the CogAT handout and presentation.

How Do I Get My Kid Identified As Gifted?

If your child is in second grade, we administer the NNAT2 (Naglieri Nonverbal Abilities Test) to all second graders. If you child scores 90% or higher on this test, we will ask you to complete a Parent Recommendation Form and submit it to Jenny Krautler. This form allows us to begin the process of creating a Body of Evidence on your child. 

All parents wanting their child to be considered for the gifted identification process must complete a Parent Recommendation Form and submit it to Jenny Krautler.

Once we have your Parent Recommendation Form, we will administer the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) to your child if he/she is in Kindergarten, 1st grade, or grades 3-5. We administer the test one time each year in November. If you missed the testing date, then we will wait a year to test your child. Second grade students that scored 90% or higher on the NNAT2 will also take the CogAT.

Your child's teacher will complete a Teacher Recommendation Form and submit it to Jenny Krautler.

The district will build a body of evidence about your child. This body of evidence includes (1) parent and teacher recommendations, (2) cognitive test scores that include either the NNAT2 if they are in 2nd grade or the CogAT, (3) academic test scores, and (4) demonstrated performance samples. Academic test scores are pulled from your child's annual MAPS test data, TCAP, etc. Demonstrated performance samples are requested on an as-needed basis and include sample written work, juried artwork, etc.

The district GT office studies the Body of Evidence and makes the final decision as to giftedness. Our school provides the information for the Body of Evidence and the district office made the decision as to whether or not a child is gifted.

The district GT office sends a letter to the parents stating whether or not the child was identified as gifted. Please note that these letters are sent 1-2 months after the CogAT is administered (i.e., expect to hear results in January or February since CogAT testing occurs in November).