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December 2016

It Is December - A short month for school, and staff and students are looking forward to a long break.  

Fifth grade has been doing a author study on Chris Van Allsburg and next week will be watching Polar Express and having hot chocolate.  Pre K - 2nd are in the process of reading all the Colorado Children's Book Award nominees.  They will be voting on their favorite one after all 10 have been read.

During break, I STRONG SUGGEST, that students read.  Profeciency can be lost in as little as two weeks.  Students will have the opportunity to bring home a Reading Bingo sheet.  The instructions are on one side and the Bingo card is on the other.  This is a fun way for you to help your student read.   Please be on the look out for it the week before break.

Don't miss Riverdale's Writing in a Winter Wonderland on December 14th.  The students have been working hard on their stories and the papers will have a QR code on them so you can HEAR your student read it to you.    Very exciting!

I wish all the Riverdale community a safe, warm, relaxing and memory making break.

Remember to Read!

Ms. Bonnie