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5th Grade

In 5th grade we work on developing skills that will lead to prosperous community members. While we continue to sharpen basic skills, we will also work towards expanding our knowledge base. We incorporate technology into all areas of learning to prepare students for middle school and beyond. Learning organizational skills is a key component in becoming a successful 5th grade student. We are creating 21st Century Learners who are career bound. 

AmeriTowne Video and Pictures

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5th Grade Classrooms

Ms. Butler's Class

Subject: General Education
I hope everyone enjoyed their summer! I will use my website to keep families updated on anything important happening in the classroom and in the school. Always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Please use the link below...

Mrs. Livingood's Class

Subject: General Education
Upcoming events: Dec 18 - Writing in a Winter Wonderland Dec 19 - Jan 6 - Winter Break Spelling  Dec. 9                                 Dec 16 scientist entertainment geologist excitement artist...

Mrs.Smith's Class

Subject: General Education
Here is where I will post announcements, calendar events and anything else going on in our classroom. Feel free to send me an email or a phone call if you need anything from me!