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5th Grade

Remote Learning

As always, we want students to be engaging with their learning each and every day.  We know this will look different than what our traditional school looks like, but even remotely, we want students to participate in learning regularly.  The goal is that students are logging in daily to work Monday-Friday. However, we understand how difficult that may be during this time and understand if you need to adjust your student's schedule to fit your family's needs. The main concern is that students are completing their weekly workload. Parents, if your student is unable to participate on a particular day of learning, you can let us know, and please reach out immediately if you need any type of support or help for your students.  Most importantly, please know we will continue to monitor attendance regularly and may contact you if we don’t hear from you.

Please see individual classes to read more about remote learning within each classroom, and for specific teacher office hours and availability.

Week One Slides

Here is the link to the first week Google Slides. Please have your students also check their Google Classrooms for the individual class assignments. Thanks!

5th Grade Classrooms

Ms. Butler's Class

Subject: General Education
Below is a link to the Expectations and Guidelines for Remote Learning: Office Hours:  Students or parents can contact me directly during office hours...

Mrs. Livingood's Class

Subject: General Education
Parents and Scholars, welcome to remote learning.  I am including lots of information below that I hope will help you transition as smoothly as possible.   Here is a link for parents and scholars to see a general overview of what to expect and...

Mrs.Smith's Class

Subject: General Education
Remote Learning I hope this finds you all well!  Below is a quick run down as to what you and your scholars can expect from me as we start our remote learning.  Please always feel free to reach out to me. I am available two hours a day directly...