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Ms. Bell's Class

General Education

Welcome to Ms. Bell's Class!

**Internet Safety Note to Parents -- To ensure your child's internet browser is filtered and safe, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click Student Login.**

Remote Learning Guidelines

Remote Learning in Adams 12 Five Star Schools will be primarily asynchronous, allowing your student to work at different times and from different locations. This approach does not require that the teacher and student be online at the same time.  The distrtict recommends that students in K-2 spend roughly 60-90 mins per day on remote learning and students in 3rd-5th grade spend 90-120 minutes daily.  This time can be all at once or split up through the day. In addition, we recommend that students read (or are read to) daily for 20-30 minutes, which can also be divided up throughout the day.  


You are free to email me at any point, and I will be more readily available to respond during the office hours listed below - if urgent, please indicate so in the subject line. 

If you'd prefer to set up a 30 minute appointment over the phone or via video conference please sign up for a time slot HERE.

  • Mon:  10a-12p
  • Tues:  1p-3p
  • Wed:  8a-9a  &  12p-1p
  • Thurs:  1p-3p
  • Fri:  10a-12p

*If none of these times work with your schedule please reach out to me via email and I would be happy to accommodate.*

  • Student attendance will be tracked weekly and is based on student participation and assignment completion.
  • Participation in morning meetings and small groups over Zoom is highly encouraged and optional; it will not count towards attendance.  
  • Similarly to attendance, student grades will be based on participation and work completion.  
  • The entire week's worth of assignments will be posted by 9am Monday morning and are due by 1pm that Friday in order to count towards attendance